An awakening began in 1950. Post-war Toronto was finding its feet, transforming from an undistinguished port of call into a powerhouse of business, finance and manufacturing. This, and its many geo-demographic advantages attracted new wealth, investment and people. And they all needed somewhere to live. A handful of seasoned real estate professionals sensed this growing luxury niche was being underserved and set out to disrupt the status quo with something much better.

Johnston & Daniel: A vision bespoke. Our founders crafted an approach that had never been tried in Toronto: To focus on fine homes and a discriminating clientele, delivering superior results through a blend of tailored service and “inside” advice. They also understood that better service alone would not suffice.


J&D Realtors, they decided, must possess a sixth sense, a ground-state awareness of home sellers’ and buyers’ requirements and lifestyles – extending well beyond the deal. Anticipation over response. Professional-grade commitment over a hobbyist mentality. And above all, wisdom, diligence and integrity beyond reproach.
New opportunities, ambitious women. So they hired and trained a team of shrewd local women (and a few good men) to become this new breed of Realtor – after all, women had always been the final arbiters in residential transactions. The idea caught fire. J&D Realtors excelled. Word-of-mouth did the rest.
Two Canadian real estate titans unite. In 1994, Johnston & Daniel was acquired by Royal LePage, enabling increased dedication to service, more sophisticated marketing tools and a wider service offering. Today, J&D’s reach and influence connects our clients to real estate opportunities in Muskoka, Niagara and worldwide.